For some time I was thinking of setting up a web page to share with you and the world some of my thoughts and experiences, and they are many, though not always ready to be published.

  • So I thought of telling you about my faith and the Word of God that always excites me and helps me to go on.
  • Then I thought of Linux, the operating system I love, though don't have a computer to run it on (well, for now it stays in a VM).
  • And then I thought of the many projects I always start and never finish, and of many such things.

I don't have, as yet, a clear idea of the direction the page will go and maybe for many months it will stay without any update, but, then maybe it will be an impulse to actually finish some of my projects and share them with you. Who knows what the future stores?

As for now I can only say:
The site is under construction, please come back soon!